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Best Microsoft Excel for beginner to advanced Certification Training Courses in Delhi NCR, Greater Noida, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Bihar 
Instructor-Led Online Classes

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become an Adobe Certified Expert

Learn Practical approach to Microsoft Excel for beginner to advanced Certification including mobile analytics, segmenting visitors, website activity, monitor campaigns, VISTA tools, JavaScript plugins, advanced segment insights (ASI), adobe report builder, data sources, multi-variate testing, report suites, advanced segmentation, data integration, social media analytics, twitter social measurement, and video analytics.; plus get certified in Microsoft Excel for beginner to advanced / Omniture SiteCatalyst Certification for better career and business prospects!

Training Details

Training is Ideal for: Freshers, Job Seekers, Working Professionals, Digital Marketers, SEO experts
Course Duration: 20 Days
Training Mode: Class Room, Online training and Corporate Training
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Section One - Make a Start with Excel

Section Five - Functions in Excel

1 What is a Spreadsheet?

1 The Average Function

2 Excel Rows and Columns

2 The Date Function

3 Enter Text and numbers in a cell

3 Time Functions in Excel

4 How to edit text in a cell

4 A Time table Project

5 How to centre text and numbers

5 Financial Projects

6 Font Formatting excel

6 The Student Averages Project

7 How to change the color of a cell


8 How to save your work in excel

Section Six - Conditional Logic in Excel

9 Currency symbols in excel

1 The IF Function

10 How to Merge cells

2 Conditional Formatting in excel


3 CountIF, Count IFS

Section Two - A more complex spreadsheet


1 How to use Auto fill in excel


2 Adding Simple Addition formula

Section Seven - Processing Data in Excel (Advanced Excel)

3 The Sum Function in excel

1 Flash Fill

4 Copy and Paste

2 Data Tables in Excel

5 How to use Paste Special

3 A Second Data Table

6 How to Multiply in excel

4 Excel Scenarios

7 How to add a comment to a cell

5 Goal Seek


6 Absolute Cell References

Section Three - Microsoft Excel Charts

7 Named Ranges in Excel

1 How to Sort data in excel

8 Create a Custom Name in Excel

2 Create an excel chart

9 More on Named Ranges

3 Move and Resize your chart

10 Excel Pivot Tables

4 Charts Styles and Layouts

11 Pivot Tables, Part Two

5 Chart Titles and Series Titles

12 Reference other Worksheets

6 Chart Layout Panel in Excel

13 The LOOKUP Function

7 The Format chart Panel

14 The VLOOKUP Function in Excel

8 Create Pie chart in Excel

15 Searching with MATCH and INDEX

9 Add Lables to a Pie Chart

16 Create a Business Invoice, Part One

10 Format Pie chart segments

17 Excel Business Invoice, Part Two

11 Create a 2D line Chart in Excel

18 Business Invoice, Part Three

12 Format your Axis titles


13 Predict the future with a Trendline chart

Section Eight - Advanced Excel

14 Sparkline charts

1 How to Create an Excel Template


2 Data Forms in Excel

Section Four - Formulas in Excel

3 Drop Down Lists in Excel

1 The SUM Function

4 Add your own Error Messages

2 How to multiply in excel

5 Array Formulas Intermediate Excel

3 Subtract and Divide

6 Frequency Distribution Intermediate Excel

4 Combine the Arithmetic Operators

7 Hyperlinks in Excel

5 A Budget Spread Sheet

8 Object Linking and Embedding


9 Insert Drawing Objects

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