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Google Workspace Deployment


Deploy Google Workspace with no downtime and migrate all your data seamlessly with our credentialled deployment consultants


Google Workspace deployment services to address your business and IT needs

Cloud-based, secure productivity environment with our 4-phased, prescriptive approach.

Education & Training Services

Experience a smooth Google Workspace adoption with our 3-phased deployment

Moving to a new work platform is not just an IT process, but also a cultural shift. 

Plan iterations within our three phases, depending on your company’s size and requirements, to ensure your workforce is gradually

introduced to only a few services at a time – thus preventing overwhelm. 

Our 3-phased deployment include,

Our key deliverable while deploying Google Workspace for your transformational success

We start with a discovery workshop to assess your current environment. On mapping your requirements to Google Workspace tools, we test data migration, mails, workflow, and access to remote devices for a few accounts. Finally, we run a pilot before the company-wide deployment.

CertifyyMinds’s 360-degree deployment services

we offer premier services for all the three pillars of effective deployment



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